People and tradesmen you need to discuss your renovation work with

Whether you bought a house specifically as an investment in which you got the house at a significant discount due to the renovation work that was required in order to get it up to scratch, o0r you just feel like your house is run down and needs a new breath of life into it, or your house suffered some kind of accident or mishap like a leak or collapse and requires major structural and aesthetic repair in order to make your home truly livable again, then you have the excitement of redesigning both the look and potentially the structure of your home , however, as you are probably aware, if only it was as easy said then it is done.

After all any modifications or changes to the structure as is a long, arduous and labor intensive project in which you will probably end up spending a ridiculous amount of money in getting everything squared away properly.  So why run the risk of getting it wrong on the first go around and then having to spend, more of your time, effort and hard earned cash fixing these issues when they could have been completely avoided. Well let’s take a look at a few suggested people that you should discuss you work with in detail fore you begin.

Your local planning authority

As has been made a fairly big deal of in recent years, many different people have had the headache of going through all of the motions, stresses, hours of work and spent the money to have their home overhauled, expanded and revamped to until they have it just right, only to then realize they either had the wrong kind of planning permission or didn’t seek any at all before going ahead with the works. And the course of action that can be taken ranges from a stern warning and a fine, all the way through to denying planning access to your house and court ordering you to remove and tear down any structures you may have built.

So make sure that you book a meeting with your local town planning jurisdiction, whether that be in the form of the federal government in some cases or whether it would be the jurisdiction of your local council is down to your particular area ass it can vary from place to place.  And clearly lay out your plans to them, describe EVERY SINGLE aspect of the work that is going to be performed in the process of renovating the property and explain all of the steps involved and the contractors you will be using. Normally they will review all of the information you have given them and make a decision on whether to grant you planning permission or not and will inform you by post. So make sure that you obtain this clearance prior to even the smallest amount of serious alterations begin to avoid any potential problems. What could be worse than having to tear down a $25,000 extension because you had incorrect permissions?

Electrical work

Part of your renovations that you have planned either may involve directly upgrading the electrics system in the house or sometimes maybe even other work that is unrelated will somehow involve or interfere with the electrics in the property. Now as we all know how dangerous high voltage power cables can be its essential that you find an electrical contractor to handle all of this for you. Do not let your foreman or random tradie who “reckons” they can do it anywhere near it.

Apart from making the problem worse, if they injure themselves on your property it is by default, your responsibility and if it’s found out that you Okayed electrical work for someone unqualified, it could result in a huge lawsuit. If electrics are handled by somebody who is not knowledgeable on the properties of electricity it can also become a very serious fire hazard.

So make sure you get on the phone and find a trustworthy and reputable electrical contractors in your area to ask for their advice on how best to approach this work and whether or not they can help you finish it or not. Obviously you will have to have them come out and quote you in order to properly asses the work that has to be done and how much it will cost you in labor and parts.

How to keep your pool water as clean as possible

Now having a pool, to many, is a dream come true. The thought of coming home from a stifling hot and generally annoying day at the rat race and returning to a cool and clear oasis of fresh water, that looks so inviting after a day in the hot Australian office environments all wrapped up in a shirt and tie. Whether you intend to enjoy your pool alone or create fun and treasured memories win it is completely up to you, but it’s important that you stay on top of all of the maintenance requirements that come with pool ownership. After all, your pool doesn’t just magically clean itself and getting the right balance in the different factors that determine your overall water quality requires careful attention.

Luckily there are many different products coming out to help you with this uphill struggle, such as home testing kits, which rather than forcing you to send water samples to local testing centers for a hefty fee, can be bought in bulk to test for the correct levels of chlorine and too detect any potential problems arising from the waters quality. So let’s take a look at some things you can invest in early to help you both control and maintain you pools water quality.

Food quality pool cover

One of the things that can compromise your pools water quality is the environment around it. After all gardens are generally spaces that tend to attract all kinds of dirt, contaminants and other debris that either fall’s in from above or is carried into your pool by the winds. This debris can range between alot of things from trash and leaves and other biological matter, to particulates and dust carried on the wind and even wild animals can fall into your pool and either contaminate it with their hair and feathers or even die from drowning, leaving their dead body to attract bacteria and germs in your pool for as long as it’s in there.

Luckily there are a few things that you can do to try and stem the follow of external invaders into your home and one of the cheapest and most widely available things you can do is to install a decent pool cover to your swimming pool. They can vary in shape and style, from simple foam and plastic sheets that cover the entire water’s surface completely, to steel shutter types that are reminiscent of the kind you find on the front of store windows ns when they close. The kind you go for ultimately is down to the kind of style that you feel is best for the pool and garden, and your budget.

Filtration system

However, you can’t exactly keep out 100% of the problems all the time and sometimes you will have to tackle the occasional nasty that manages to evade your pool cover and other measures you have put up. Well that is part of the reason we put chlorine in the water, as it significantly slows the growth of bacteria, but also why it’s advisable that you have as good a filtration system installed into your pool as possible. For many people this is an area where they think that savings can be made, either by taking the cheapest option open to them without proper research into the filters overall; suitability for their particular pool.

Well the first consideration that you need to make is what material you want to trust to filter all of that nasty stuff out of the water that will be recycled back into the water you then swim in again. The traditional (and often cheapest) option is to go for sand, however there are more efficient and cleaner chemical options available as well as different kinds of absorbent neutralizing material like born, however these come at a heftier price tag and some may not want to justify that extra expense in the pool filter as practically, it will make little noticeable difference to you while you are using the pool. However if you have small children or the elderly in your household then you may want to consider it as these higher end filters kill far more harmful bacteria than sand ones reducing the risk of sicknesses developing form using the pool. Click the following link for more information on where to buy a pool filter in Perth.

When to call an emergency electrician

However you want to look at it, in your home there are several potentially hazardous and destructive elements that you use every day that could potentially cause a catastrophe or disaster for both your homes livability and safety or even for you and your family’s personal safety. We are talking of course about the elements in your house, the water, the gas supply and probably the most dangerous sounding one of them all and that would be the electrical current that runs through your house that powers most of the things that you enjoy on a day to day basis. However as we are sure that you are aware from the various public safety campaigns around this topic, that electricity can be very dangerous in certain circumstances.

If things happen to go south at any point and causes your electric’s to become either non-functional for important things like water purification and heating or air-conditioning, then the chances are that you will need to seek the immediate services of an emergency electrician to come and resolve any of these issues you may be having and return your home to a state of safety again. But when does the point arise when you decide that you actually seriously need immediate professional help to resolve this? Well let’s take a look at some advice from industry professionals.

If your house smells of burning rubber or plastic

This is one of the most important things that people tend to overlook when it comes to the wiring of their home. An unexplained smell of burning plastic that has had all other possible explanations of the origin ruled out is a very serious concern and it is essential that you call an emergency electrician as soon as humanly possible. Wires and electrical components are composed of a plastic or rubber coating of insulation to protect your home and appliances and indeed your safety from the heat and sparking that can occur from them being exposed. And an unexplained smell of these materials burning could be a strong indication that there has been a failure in the wiring of the building and the heat from the electrics has subsequently.

So if you come home from work one day and your house smells like a recycling plant then you should first of all check the cooker or stove as it could merely have been a carless corner of a plastic bag hitting your stove this morning that you didn’t notice and after ruling out this and any other explanation, get on the phone and get someone out to ensure that it isn’t a serious hazard to your home and your family.

Water Ingress

If your house or the area you live in has suffered with floods in the past and it came up to your property inundating any part of it with water then it’s essential that before returning power to the affected areas that you immediately call an emergency electrician to come and not only asses any damage to the vital components of your system like the fuse box but to also resolve any water that may have been retained by the plasterwork and pooling and whether or not natural drying would create some kind of hazard to the electrics. After all water and electricity is a famously terrible combination and can cause many hazards and risks to both your family and to the house itself.

So don’t be lazy and if you start to notice any patches on the walls, particularly around power sockets and outlets then its vital that you at least have it briefly looked over by somebody who is qualified to deal with this kind of problem.. However it isn’t the kind of thing that you should wait around for and it should be resolved as soon as possible.


Many times people are willing to put the safety of their family and the security of their homes on the line in order to avoid paying the admittedly hefty callout fee that most electricians charge for emergency services, while the amount is debatable, they are willing to drop absolutely everything they are doing to come and potentially risk their life to resolve this dangerous issue you have. And ultimately, can you afford to put your family’s safety and the security of your house in jeopardy to save $80?

How to improve the interior spaces in your home

Your home is your castle as they say and over the course of your time in your home the chances are that you will style it to your liking and make it truly your own. After all, no home is 100% perfect in terms of every single aspect of the property being exactly as you like them. Indeed some people even use this as an angle with which to gain a better price during the negotiations once they have, made their intentions to buy clear. So when you are styling your home how do you improve these interior spaces in which you will be spending the vast majority of your time while living there?

Well there are countless things that you can do to better refine the decoration of your home to either change the existing decoration to better suit your tastes at the time or whether the décor in general needs revitalizing from general use and wear and tear. But what kind of things can you do to achieve this new style in your home? Here are a few suggestions from industry leaders on how to do it.


Just as a lawn offsets a garden and ties the various elements of the decoration into a single unified style, so too does the material with which you choose to cover the floor of your home effect pretty much every aspect of how the rooms in your home will look when the work is all finished and done. Often times people leave little time or consideration for what they want to use for their floor but in a way it’s just as important a decision as what you want to coat the walls with. So it’s essential that you take that time to plan out what kind of look you want to go for with the flooring and how that will tie in with the rest of the plans that you have for the room.

Obviously there are a few choices and sometimes in some rooms you will be limited by the practical advantages of using some materials over others (such as tiles being required in the bathroom due to the water causing mold in carpets and rotting in wood flooring) However it doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with even these kinds of material as there are many different styles, colours and shapes that you can choose to really piece together the entire style of the room, so make sure that you fully review the options open to you before setting your heart on something.


In some rooms like the bedroom and the dining room, and to some extent the lounge, the main focus of the room’s attention will be in the furniture that fills the room. It’s part of our natural instinct that when we enter a room that is designed for comfortable seating that we instantly look to the available seats in order to judge how comfortable it will be to sit there. Therefore if you have furniture in your room that is old, worn out and thoroughly used then their first impression of the room will be formed to the extent that even if you have freshly decorated and revamped a room but failed to replace the lumpy, ugly and uncomfortable sofas from the old design then you can find that it drags the entire look for the room down quite significantly.

So it’s important that before you make any plans and budgeting to revamp your room that you look into and, if necessary, replacing them with newer and fresher ones.


As mentioned at some point, the walls of a room act as a canvas, and in short you wouldn’t paint on a dirty, frayed and unkempt canvas and expect to get the best work out of it, so why should you expect less from the backdrop of your room? So when you are redesigning your room pretty much every element of that space has to in some way complement the colour and style of how you have chosen to paint the walls. So when you are looking to completely overhaul the room rather than do it yourself you will find it much quicker and easier to look for some professional, well reputed and registered painters to handle the work leaving you time to better strategize about the rest of the rooms décor.


3 Reasons why Dilapidation reports are so important

We understand that starting a new construction or clearing away an old one to make way for your new development can be a long and drawn out process whilst waiting for planning permits and clarifications on what you are able to do and not do, and when it comes to that all important first step of having your construction, or the jolt of adrenaline when everything is ready for the demolition crews to move in and begin their dramatic and visually exciting work. However, if you’re going to do something, do it properly and consider getting a dilapidation report.

What Species of Grass is Best for my Garden

Having a real grass lawn in your home is a great way of revitalizing your garden and providing you with that lush green space that everybody loves in the summertime. However it’s not as simple as it may appear on paper, grass like every other living thing on the planet comes in all shapes and sizes and different species not only look different but are actually more suited to different environments and applications and you must put little bit of consideration into what it is your lawn will be used for. Let’s take a look at some of the more commonly found species available in Australia and where they are best suited.

Most important aspects of redesigning your garden

Your garden may at times feel like a never ending treadmill of repair and maintenance. Keeping up with trends and tending to your many bushes and plants, ensuring that your garden not only looks great but perfectly encapsulates the theme or look you want your outdoor space to have. And making it kid friendly. And making space for the dog. That’s a lot to consider and a lot to take into account when you redesign your garden, so taking this into consideration it’s probably best if you start with the larger, more important aspects of your garden and work downwards.


How to choose a pressure pump

Whether it is used for removing water from a space or a more specified use in your industry, pressure pumps can be a bit of a minefield for the uninformed and they incur a substantial cost so choosing the correct pump first time is essential. What should you look for? What things need to be taken into consideration when choosing? Hopefully this guide can help you explore some of the options available and assist you in making that correct decision.

What to look for in a cleaner?

Everybody has something better to do than cleaning, yet even for the tidiest individual cleaning your home regularly can become a tedious and boring chore. Luckily there are plenty of companies offering home cleaning, but a bottle of polish and rubber gloves doesn’t make a good cleaner. So what do you need to look for in a good cleaner or company? Hopefully this guide will assist you when going through the motions of employing a cleaner.

Home Office for your Backyard

Working from has become an integral part of our daily lives. People routinely work at night, on weekends, and increasingly on vacation. Even if we do commute to an office on a daily basis, whether you’re a teacher, lawyer, or business professional, there’s still a good amount of work brought home. That’s why these days; everyone needs office space at home. Ideally, it’s a tranquil space where you can concentrate and have all the tools you need to perform your duties.