Most important aspects of redesigning your garden

Your garden may at times feel like a never ending treadmill of repair and maintenance. Keeping up with trends and tending to your many bushes and plants, ensuring that your garden not only looks great but perfectly encapsulates the theme or look you want your outdoor space to have. And making it kid friendly. And making space for the dog. That’s a lot to consider and a lot to take into account when you redesign your garden, so taking this into consideration it’s probably best if you start with the larger, more important aspects of your garden and work downwards.


Spacing and layout

The first consideration is whereabouts everything your including in your design will actually be placed and how this will have knock on space concerns for everything else. Take into account any points of elevation or topographical importance. Also knowing where things are going to be placed before you do so will save you so much time in to-ing and fro-ing about where to actually place things on the day. Try sketching out a rough guide of what you want to do, sketch out a rough outline of your yard and the fill in everything you want and make a not of where hills and other points of interest or caution are located.


The amount of sunlight that your yard receives will directly influence where you can place certain items and plants, to put it in layman’s terms, each area of your garden dependent on the conditions and what is planted there will create something called a micro climate. These microclimates are what fuel healthy growth, for example, a plant that requires only sun in the evening and shade during the day is unsuitable to be placed next to a plant that must have as much consistent sunlight as possible, as one would suffer. In general microclimates are split into 4 categories, full sun, partial shade, shade, or deep shade. And your plants must be placed by their suitability to these areas of your garden. \


One of things that are expected in general is a luscious flowing lawn. After all what’s more satisfying than a nice cool green space to compliment your garden and generally what will leave the biggest impression to visitors. It’s all very well and good to put extraordinary amounts of efforts into your roses and the other supporting plants, but if your lawn is patchy, dry and altogether not well kempt, it will seriously impact the overall aesthetic appeal of your garden. And that’s no good is it? Seriously consider a great looking, low maintenance lawn solution, such as natural turfing, to easily realize your dream garden. For more information on the turfing process or any other questions you had then please follow this link to A View Turf, a specialist in turf supplies.

good garden

How to choose a pressure pump

Whether it is used for removing water from a space or a more specified use in your industry, pressure pumps can be a bit of a minefield for the uninformed and they incur a substantial cost so choosing the correct pump first time is essential. What should you look for? What things need to be taken into consideration when choosing? Hopefully this guide can help you explore some of the options available and assist you in making that correct decision.

What to look for in a cleaner?

Everybody has something better to do than cleaning, yet even for the tidiest individual cleaning your home regularly can become a tedious and boring chore. Luckily there are plenty of companies offering home cleaning, but a bottle of polish and rubber gloves doesn’t make a good cleaner. So what do you need to look for in a good cleaner or company? Hopefully this guide will assist you when going through the motions of employing a cleaner.

Home Office for your Backyard

Working from has become an integral part of our daily lives. People routinely work at night, on weekends, and increasingly on vacation. Even if we do commute to an office on a daily basis, whether you’re a teacher, lawyer, or business professional, there’s still a good amount of work brought home. That’s why these days; everyone needs office space at home. Ideally, it’s a tranquil space where you can concentrate and have all the tools you need to perform your duties.

Building a home: Which professionals should you hire?

If you are planning on building or renovating a home you will probably need the help of a few professionals to get started. So who should you hire: an architect, engineer or a draftsman?  It may seem like they all perform very similar functions, however there are actually distinct differences between what these professionals can do for you.

Security Screens – The ultimate home protection


It’s summer time. We all know the feeling; it’s hot and sticky and you want to open the front door and windows to get a nice breeze flowing though. But that could be an open invitation for thieves and unwanted pests to come on in too. Well, the good news it, you do have options…

You can install security screens and doors that keep out home invaders, but also still let the light and air in.

Security Screens, do I need them?

 What are security screens?

Security screens are screen applications for windows and doors that provide superior protection against intruders, outside heat, the suns damaging UV rays and other unwanted pests. They are also made to give the homeowner easy access through the window in case of emergency.

Top 4 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy a Home

Buying a home is a big deal involving big money, you can never be too prepared. A home is probably the biggest purchase most people even make in their life. You want to buy that perfect house that meets your needs and has the features you desire. Finding that perfect house can be time and energy consuming for a fresh homebuyer, and there are a number of things and factors you need to take into account. It is better to get yourself educated about the things you need to know before buying a home. Continue to read below and find out what those things are.

Bathroom Renovation Guide

So you’re finally ready to tackle that ugly old bathroom problem of yours and give it a fresh new look. No more staring at ugly walls, peeling paint, and out-dated décor. Considering the amount of time each day you spend in the bathroom taking care of ‘business’ and prepping for daily activities, why not make it into a happy place you actually feel good being in.

3 Things you should check regularly around Your Home

Homeownership does not only cost a fortune when you purchase a home, but also requires a lot of hard work that never seems to end. There are also things that you need to do or fixed around the house as long as you live in there—or that actually follows you the whole life unless you pay someone else to do it. Things to fix around your home is like a snowball, the more you leave the bigger it gets. In the end it might get so big that it needs you to fork out thousands of dollars. There are some basic things around our home that keep our home a great and safe place to live in, but those things need you to check regularly. If you catch the small issues on early stage and fix them, it might only take you a few minutes instead of lots of cash. If you never bother to check them, the problems might end up a lot bigger and cost you thousands of dollars. Read on to find out these 3 things you need to check regularly around your home.